Since its beginning in 1974 as a small group of specialists in a previously unknown discipline, ACM SIGGRAPH has evolved to become an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

A special interest group of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the world’s first and largest computing society, ACM SIGGRAPH offers a diverse menu of programs and services for its members and the computer graphics community.

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About BIS

Business & Innovation Symposium

Business & Innovation Symposium is an enabling platform for innovation and collaboration among visionary leaders, industrial frontiers, world-class researchers, investors and entrepreneurs to co-create the next generation industries landscape.


Panel | 5G, Trillion-Dollar Opportunities and You

For more than four decades, great minds and talents from the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Community has been inspiring and innovating dozens of industries. In the upcoming 5G space, massive real-time interactions will be everywhere from human to human, human to machine, machine to machine, and after all, from intelligence to intelligence. As a result, the challenge to develop creative content and killer-applications, to fully utilize 5G potential, will be unprecedented. Telecom industry cannot do it alone, that’s nature battlefield for the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Community, and the golden opportunity for all of us.

Come and outlook the landscape go 5G mega-trends, get inspiration and meet friends to make your fortune come true, together and greater!



Panel | Grow with 3D Ecosystems

Have you imagined working with an entire team of talents whom you cannot afford to hire, use technology resources you do not own, get channels and user base too costly to acquire alone and grow your business at an incredible speed that never happened before.By leveraging on strategic partnerships, we can reduce R&D expenditures, extend capabilities and services offerings, speed up market-to-market, penetrate new territories, acquire user and channels, pump in revenue streams, get capital funding, right and healthy.

Our panelists will share their stunning perspectives on open standards in e-commerce and advertisement, robot vision in smart manufacturing, massive transaction in digital asset market. To develop and fully utilize partnership with 3D ecosystems, find your path to succeed and connect directly with leaders from resourceful eco-systems.



Panel | Monetizing Digital Human

New business opportunities in global media & entertainment industries has been recreated by cutting-edge real-time production technics and artificial intelligent. These trends also brought up the rise of “Virtual Beings”, which will have the dramatic population size as compared to human beings in the near future.

Thriving artists, engineers and business people have created thousands of digital copies of physical or human-like consciousness with sophisticated digital solutions, to perform duties with different appearances in immersive media across industries: video streaming, live concert, gaming, movie, animation, sport, e-commerce, public relations, brand representatives, training and education, companion robots, virtual pets, health care, defense, manufacture, retail, home and other customer services.

This session will discover how you can monetize digital human and character. Our panelists will share their insights on market trends, real stories of tactical deployment and new possibilities and services which may act as potential revenue streams.


Press & News

5G、虛擬人,你跟上 CG 全球生態系了嗎?

專訪 SIGGRAPH Asia BIS 產業發展與創新論壇主席梁幸堯 By INCG Media

「我可以說是第一個把超級電腦商用化、鋪到全世界的台灣人。」帶著肯定與自信,梁幸堯的一番話的確是其來有自。在短短四年內,他協助將一間中國深圳在地的公司,進化成擁有超過 60 個國家、8 萬名客戶的雲計算公司,也就是瑞云科技(Rayvision)。無論是協助中國、印度、日本、歐洲和美洲等等國家的影史票房冠軍進行渲染,客戶名單中更不乏有奧斯卡得獎主;除此之外,也獲得阿里巴巴與聯想集團的投資,逐步讓瑞云科技成為 CG 產業中的國際品牌...

‘The Dream Zone’ continues to inspire new talent and innovation

By Animation Today

Held for the first time at SIGGRAPH Asia this year was the Business & Innovation Symposium (BIS), which attracted so many that there was standing room only for some of the sessions...


By VFX Science

There was a full house for the first Business and Innovation Symposium, attracting such interest, there was standing room only for some of the sessions...

From the ‘Dream Zone’, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 inspires great discourse about building humanity into computer graphics

By Pinpoint PR

The BIS Program Chair, Michael Hsin-Yao Liang of Silkroad Visual Technologies, said “I’m delighted that the SIGGRAPH Asia community is extending its footprint to include the business side of the industry...

Global computer-generated animation and visual effects brands to gather at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

By Film Ink

“We are delighted that some of the industry’s most respected brands are supporting SIGGRAPH Asia for its debut in Australia,” says Conference Chair, Tomasz Bednarz...

Highlights from SIGGRAPH Asia 2019.

By CG Society

This exclusive one-day VIP event explored the intersection of technology, creativity, and business, supported by the conference committee, business sponsors and the local government. It featured speakers from multiple industries and backgrounds, allowing attendees to explore the future of innovation, design and technology.