Mr. Liang is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. With over 25 years of combined experience in the computer graphics, computer vision, cloud computing(SaaS and HPCaaS) and online learning industries, he is adept at tackling challenges and creating opportunities for businesses across various lifecycle stages from start-up to IPO, from business development to management system build-up, from strategy formulation to capital operations.

Born, raised and currently based in Taiwan, Mr. Liang frequently travels to Shenzhen, Shanghai and many other major cities in Asia.

He has an Executive-MBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and, in recent years, has joined Silkroad Visual Technologies Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 300556) as senior partner. After being appointed as President to lead a Shenzhen-Based cloud-computing, he created the RAYVISION brand. This branding re-positioned the company as a visual cloud-computing service provider targeting the media and entertainment market and aimed to provide professional cloud services including tremendous CPU/GPU powered rendering, giant size high-speed transmission and beyond.

After a series of strategic alliances with top-tier partners like nVidia, Alibaba Group, IBM, Beijing Film Academy, Foxconn Group, and Chaos Group, RAYVISION team has successfully built sophisticated 24x7x365 service operations for animation/VFX/VR/Theme-Park industries, supporting more than 80,000 clients from over 50 countries, including national box-office record breaking and Oscar winning films in China, India, Japan, Europe, South-east Asia and Latin-America. RAYVISION received series-A capital investment from Alibaba (Alibaba’s first investment in cloud-computing industry), series-B from Legend Capital, and is now marching towards IPO while becoming the major story of Silkroad’s IPO in 2016 that generate multi-millions fortune for shareholders and employees.

After transitioning away from full-time working lifestyle in 2018, he is focused on being an advisor to the executives and is also an angel investor. For SIGGRAPH, he has been volunteered for SIGGRAPH Asia Committee as the Featured Sessions Chair in 2016 and Business and Innovation Symposium Chair in 2019.

On the personal level, Mr. Liang is a fan of ancient Greek and Roman culture, visual arts, musical, jazz and travel, and always willing to make new friends with a passionate mind and inspiring soul.


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